The oil paintings in this gallery were all made under my personal guidance.

My set goal is to offer paintings of a high quality standard for a reasonable price. the combination of attractive motives in ideal size, painted with professional materials such as oil paint and canvas, and made by artistically perfect hands.

Within this collection of paintings, you will find all different themes, all with the idea of a popular taste. And this, I have achieved with my dual activities in the past decades: On one hand through my “ swiss -hollywood” job as a director, screenwriter and producer in movies ( for more view ) ; on the other hand as producer of internationally distributed greeting cards ( for more view).

In both fields I had a predominately visual approach.  My film career started in the tender age of six with a still  photo camera. shortly after, the pictures were moving, first in my home country, them in Hollywood.

Since the new millennium, the company I preside, SUNSET INTERNATIONAL AG, has been increasingly active in creation of new lines of greeting cards. The blue prints were mostly done into oil paintings as the base for printing. Depending on the style, we have found professional artists all over the places between Mexico, Switzerland and Thailand. And with some of these artists, the collaboration continued over the years. I am grateful to them as the put my ideas of motifs into elaborated oil paintings which are now been seen in this gallery.

Let yourself find the magic of these carefully chosen art works. And be assured, that they will reach you in the quality to a reasonable price. Just ask.

Sincerely your Roger Steinmann

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Roger Steinmann